Arizona Firefighters Rush to Kittens’ Rescue!

ARIZONA – Not only are firefighters known to rescue cats from trees, they also well-known for saving kittens stuck in storm drains.

Like many other agencies of its ilk, the Mesa Fire and Medical Department is all about helping people who need it during what is likely one of the worst times of their lives. However, that compassion, one of the agency’s core values, and dedication don’t stop with people, and a Facebook post from Monday morning proves it.

According to the MFMD Facebook page, the crew of Ladder Tender 220 spent much of one morning rescuing kittens that somehow found their way into a storm drain and couldn’t get out.


Aside from a couple of photos of the little wee ones and some kitty-related hashtags, including ‪#‎savingkittens‬, ‪#‎animallover‬, ‪#‎catrescue‬ and ‪#‎kittycat‬, there were no other details about the incident.

Based on the post’s comments, a couple discovered the kittens in the drain but they were not able to get all of the little ones out all by themselves.

It is not known exactly where the kittens were taken or when they will be available for adoption.