El Reno teen attacked while feeding stray kittens

OKLAHOMA – An El Reno teen was attacked, and police claim the man who did it is nowhere to be found.

The girl was just feeding stray kittens when the attack happened in broad daylight.

“El Reno 911.”

“My sister, she is lying here on the floor.”

“She said she was going for a walk and a man came up behind her.”

“She has grab marks, and she said that he had a knife.”

Investigators explained he dragged the girl into the bushes at knife point.

“She has some marks around her neck, a small puncture to her side and she was covered with mud and dirt,” statd El Reno Police Department Lt. Van Gillock.

Police claim the 18-year-old was feeding stray kittens Saturday evening but, not long after she walked outside, she was attacked.

“Someone grabbed her from behind with something like a scarf or something of that nature around her face and throat and dragged her to a location believed to be some bushes,” Gillock stated.

Detectives now believe she blacked out from being chocked and, when she woke up, her shorts had been pulled down, and the man was gone.

NewsChannel 4 talked to the girl’s family, and she is currently doing okay but is obviously traumatized.

Police said they are now indeed working with the OSBI to draw a sketch of the suspect but, so far, don’t have many leads.

Meanwhile, all of neighbors are on the lookout.

“I want to know where he’s at and if he’s lingering around watching people,” stated one resident.

The suspect has been described as a tanned or dark skinned male between 30-40 years of age with a possible beard and he was wearing glasses.