Bengal Cat, Named ‘Thor’, Knows Just How Good-looking He Is!

BELGIUM – A Bengal cat who lives in Belgium has been rocking the entire internet this week!

This handsome striper, who appropriately been named “Thor,” is very active on social media, with over 22,000 followers on his Instagram page. His noble feline visage was even featured on the front page of Reddit, which we all know is the path to certain fame.


This beauty of a cat had a lot to say, apparently …

“Hello my dear followers! I gotta say that I’m pretty shocked that my picture has been going viral this week,” Thor’s human posted to Instagram. “For the people who don’t know the story: My servant woke up Friday and a friend of her saw me on the front page of Reddit and messaged her. She was pretty shocked too because she knew that my picture was on a few Facebook groups for cats etc., but she didn’t know that my picture would be going viral like that!”

“My servant commented that my name is Thor and that she was my servant, but nobody really believed her, so she made an Imgur post about me to prove it. While going on Imgur, she saw another post about me, also on the front page of Imgur! Even more shocked. Then she got messages that Thor has been circulating all over the internet, and indeed, my servant found Facebook posts, blog posts, even articles on Playbuzz about me and meanwhile, the Imgurpost my servant made about me, also went viral! I gotta say I find this really funny and awesome! Thank you all!!!”

Although we here at The Best Cat Page advocate adopting and not shopping, this truly is one stunning cat!