Young Girl Who Is Allergic to Cats Designs Something For Cats

Not every girl who goes to work with a parent on Take Your Daughter to Work Day ends up inventing and exciting However, that’s just what happened when 10-year-old Caroline Baxter went to work with her father.

On the day of her visit, a meeting was held for employees to discuss ideas for some new products. Caroline’s father arranged for her to go the meeting. After listening to the professionals’ discussion, Caroline thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if I made a product too?”

An avid animal lover with a houseful of pets—including dogs, gerbils, fish and a guinea pig—Caroline is not able to have cats at home.

“My sister and I are allergic to cats,” says Caroline. “But I love them.”

So Caroline decided she’d invent something specifically and solely for cats. First, she made a list of things that most if not all cats do. Then, reading over her list, she focused on the word “play.”

“I thought: What if I made a playhouse for cats?” says Caroline.

The young inventor then sketched out her idea on paper and showed it to her dad. Later on back at home, Caroline and her dad made a model of the playhouse out of a big cardboard box. And the rest, as they say, is a done deal!

The Kitty Play Zone is “an easy-to-build playhouse” which is now made and sold by her father’s company. Cats aren’t the only animals this young vegetarian thinks about.


A Chicken Chick
“I can’t explain in words how much I love [chickens],” says Caroline. “I wanted to get chickens as pets.” However, her city had a rule against keeping chickens, so Caroline sent a petition to city council asking them to somehow change that rule.

For now, the young inventor is back at the drawing board brainstorming more invention for animals.

It’s anyone’s guess what new ideas this young hot shot is going to come up with next!