‘Sick’ Air Rifle Potshots at Pet Cat Causing Army Veteran to Suffer PTSD Flashbacks!

UNITED KINGDOM – An army veteran, in his own words, will “go to pieces” without his cat, which he says is being shot at with an air rifle.

Peter Finn’s cat George was evidently shot at on Wednesday evening in one of several alleged incidents that caused unpleasant flashbacks for the former solider.

Mr Finn explained: “For some reason someone has taken an instant dislike to my cat. He’s been having potshots at him with an air rifle.

PETER AND GEORGE: Army veteran says his cat has been shot at several times by a neighbour

PETER AND GEORGE: Army veteran says his cat has been shot at several times by a neighbour


“I’m a veteran with PTSD and the cat helps me keep on an even keel. Without that little ball of fur I’d go to pieces.”

Mr Finn currently lives at Cazenove Close, Shepton Mallet, and has reported the shooting to the police and RSPCA.

The first air rifle incident happened outside his home around two weeks ago, he stated.

Mr Finn then added: “You can’t keep an animal in all the time, it drives them stir crazy. I’ve had snipers take pot shots at me but fair play – that was a job. It’s sick to shoot at a cat like that.

“He’s a moody cat and doesn’t like being picked up – but it’s inhumane to deny him his freedom.

“It’s sick, ignorant and jealous.”

Mr Finn explained he had served for 14 years in the army, including a four and half year stint in Germany.


He joined a bomb disposal team back in 2006 and continued in that line of work until he left the service in 2013.

The air rifle shots have brought back very unpleasant memories for the veteran.

“It makes me feel back ready to go, ready for action over the wall. It reminds me of doing close protection or bodyguarding in Iraq,” he stated.

“I never thought I would ever have to put my military skills into practice in my own backyard, here in Shepton Mallet. I moved out here for an easier pace of life. ”

A police spokesman said that the incident has been reported and that they would be looking into it.

The RSPCA has also been contacted for comment.