Brutus, the Infamous Morrison’s cat, Sadly Now Suffering …

UNITED KINGDOM – Well-wishes have been pouring in from as far away as America after adored Saltney Morrison’s cat Brutus suddenly took ill over the holidays

The eight-year-old ‘supermar-cat’ won internet fame for his charming penchant for wandering across the road from his home to hang out at a local shop.

Over the past few years, he’s become just as much a part of the store’s fixtures and fittings as the groceries and the trolleys, delighting shoppers and even staff.

Sadly, his concerned owners Claire and Adam Owens revealed on Brutus’ hugely popular Facebook page – which chronicles his unusual love affair and has racked up more than 11,400 likes – that he had suffered a little setback with his condition, which is called Polycystic Kidney Disease, on New Year’s Day.

The sad news sparked an outpouring of well-wishes from his legion of fans across the world.

One family in Texas even sent their ‘kisses to Brutus’.

The tabby suffered a similar relapse almost exactly one year ago from which he did end up making a miraculous recovery so the family rushed him to Chester Gates Referral Hospital to see what could be done for their ‘gorgeous Brutus bear’.

An ultrasound ended up revealing large cysts in his kidneys, one of which had become very enlarged.

Thankfully, though, after a course of fluids to flush his kidneys out, a series of tests and anti-sickness medication, brave Brutus brightened up.

However, in the heartbreaking Facebook post, veterinary nurse Claire wrote that they may need to prepare themselves for ‘making a tough decision in the not too distant future’.

“Not the best start to 2017, but maybe with all your prayers and wishes and all our love and fusses, he’ll get through this again, but I won’t let him suffer if he’s not making any significant improvement,” she concluded.

We here at The Best Cat Page wish Brutus a speedy recovery!

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