Cat Abandoned On Sidewalk In Carrier In Direct Sunlight With All His Toys

When a man who lives in a small town in England was out walking one day, he came across a sad discovery and noticed a cage, abandoned right in the middle of the sidewalk.

As the kind stranger drew closer, he started to hear meowing coming from inside and realized that sad truth; that there was a kitty inside and that he had been abandoned.

The poor animal had been deserted along with all of his toys. As the passerby began to see if the cat was ok, he saw the man who had clearly just abandoned the animal leaving the last of the feline’s possessions, his cat tree, right outside.

Worried about the animal’s well-being, particularly as it was an extremely hot day, the good Samaritan contacted the Celia Hammond Animal Trust and alerted their volunteers to the cat, named Marcus’s, situation.

Celia Hammond, who is the founder of the association, went on to explain to The Dodo: “As he had to get to work, we arranged for the man to get the train to Canning Town and one of our rescue workers met him at the station to collect Marcus”.

While the man that discovered the poor cat would have loved to adopt him, he is sadly unable to keep animals in his building.

However, he is hoping to visit Marcus after he has been adopted.

Despite the trauma of being abandoned like that, the kitty seems to be coping well. Thanks to the microchip placed in the animal, his former owner was indeed identified. He justified his actions by explaining that he simply no longer wanted to take care of the cat and so decided to get rid of him.

Luckily, Marcus was discovered just in time and so is safe, and will no doubt find a new family in no time.

Photo credits: Celia Hammond Animal Trust