Two Neighbors Run Into Burning Home To Save A Dog and …

UNITED KINGDOM – Two men went on to describe the very moment they charged into a burning house to try to save the terrified animals inside.

Fire crews explained that the property was “well alight” when they were called to an address in New Pitsligo’s Clinton Crescent at about 12.20 am the other day.

Neighbours Alexander Bain and Brian Cowie noticed smoke and initially thought that it might just be fog, but then raced to the home after hearing barks and screams from a dog and cat

Black scorch marks all around the entrance to the property show the intensity of the fire. Nobody was in the property at the time.

Brian, 42, stated: “When I went in I was met with flames and smoke. I couldn’t see anything and was on my knees. The dog came out straight away and I could hear the cat screaming. I haven’t heard anything like that in my life. It was blood-curdling, I had to go back in and try and save it.”

He entered the blazing home on two more occasions to try in vain to save the cat.

Alexander was actually burned during the rescue attempt.

He stated: “We were in our house and I looked outside and said ‘look at that fog coming in’.

Brian glanced outside and saw the house in flames.

“Brian went in first and you couldn’t see anything. I was on my knees and stood up and got a burn to my head. I was taken to Fraserburgh Hospital before Aberdeen, I’m feeling all right now.”

The dog was saved. The cat, sadly, did not survive. 🙁