Cat Abandoned Outside Animal Shelter Inside Taped Vacuum Box in Freezing Cold!

MAINE – A cat was discovered inside a vacuum box Thursday after it was abandoned outside the Franklin County Animal Shelter in Farmington.

“We opened the door to walk a staff member’s dog and found a vacuum box with holes poked through (hopefully before the box was taped shut with a kitten inside) on our front step,” the Franklin County Animal Shelter declared on Facebook.

The shelter claims it was approximately 31 degrees outside and they don’t know how long the cat had been there.

They described the cat as being “beyond terrified.”

“It flew out of the box once the tape was peeled back and circled the office several times before we were able to catch him,” the shelter went on write.

The shelter realizes some people feel their circumstances are so dire that they can no longer keep their animals, however, they want to remind Mainers to please use your town’s animal control officer to surrender animals or turn in strays.

“If the ACO is unable to assist for some reason, PLEASE communicate with us — we will ALWAYS be willing to work with you to ensure the cat’s well-being,” the shelter encouraged.” And P.S., we have a doorbell that works very well for getting our attention during our closed but staffed hours.”