Cat Badly Burned by Chemicals Discovered in New York, SPCA Investigating!

NEW YORK – The Suffolk County SPCA is currently looking into whether a cat who was found with chemical burns on its face, neck and body in the Huntington area Thursday was the victim of animal abuse.

A person of the public who feeds cats in their yard near Chesterhill Lane saw the female cat stroll through and noticed all her visible burns, including one that barely missed her eye.

The person managed to entice the injured cat with food and brought her to the Woodland Animal Hospital in Huntington for treatment.

The cat, who they have since named Sam, was treated for her infected wounds and burns, some which were down to the bone, and is expected to have a four to six-week stay at the animal hospital. The cat’s paws were wrapped so she will not scratch herself and further aggravate her wounds.

Suffolk SPCA Chief Roy Gross explained to Patch they are investigating the incident for possible animal cruelty.

A friend of a volunteer at the shelter, whose name is Mary Marino-McDonnell, shared pictures of the cat on social media looking for donations. She told Patch there is absolutely no evidence of animal cruelty at this time.

“One thing we all must realize is this cat was trapped outside,” she noted in a Facebook post. “No one knows whose cat it is, if it’s a stray, if anyone did this to her, who it is, or if somehow it was an accident.”

Marino-McDonnell went on to explain that it’s possible the cat was looking to stay warm and chemicals were around.

“If anything this should make people realize the dangers of a cat being outside left to roam,” she stated.

Marino-McDonnell is now saying it’s best to focus on what they can control: helping Sam.

And so she created a donation page looking to raise $1,800 for the cat’s medical expenses and a long road to recovery.

You can see the donation page here.

Images courtesy of Mary Marino-McDonnell