Destiny Playes Rough With This Tiny Kitten, But Take A Look At Him Now!

Life just isn’t fair and easy sometimes. We all face some obstacles that we don’t expect, but some people or animals have it even worse than that. Take this kitty for example – scar was only 2 weeks old when life decided to play a cruel game with him. Scar was part of a litter of kittens found abandoned in California and left defenseless.

The kitties were found by Savannah Anas and her friend. Savannah, a biologist, read somewhere that there was a litter of kittens thrown out in Arcata, California, which was about a 2.5 hour drive from her home. She also heard that one of the kittens didn’t have an eye and her heart was broken. She immediately got her friend and drove all the way to Arcata, finding Scar and the other kittens still alive. Scar had two eyes, but one was in a very bad shape – it was swollen and inflamed and leaking puss. Being a biologist herself, Savannah knew that due to the infection being close to Scar’s brain, it can be fatal.

She took the kittens and Scar to a vet and Scar was immediately rushed to surgery. No one was really sure if the kitten would make it through as he was malnourished and only 2 weeks old. “The vet said he’s got 50/50 chances of surviving – he might die from the infection or the surgery himself. I was shattered, but willing to give it a try,” Savannah recalls. Little did she know that Scar was a fighter.

After going through the surgery in perfect health, Scar was brought home by Savannah. In order to keep him away from the stitches, she made a cute little eyepatch for the kitty which he still wears. As Savannah says, it makes him more approachable than instead of people asking why he’s lacking an eye.

Despite losing the eye, Scar is just as playful and confident as any cat. He doesn’t let the disability stop him – he’s always exploring new spaces and like every cat, loves going on adventures outside. He’s great with everyone he meets.

“He follows me everywhere I go,” Savannah says. “Even in the ocean, he’s going into the water, so you have to watch him closely. He’s not afraid of anything except for the sound of a crashing wave.”

In the beginning, the kitty hated water and baths, but he’s got used to them now. Once Scar’s scar healed, Savannah took off his eyepatch. A few months later, he’s grown into a beautiful cat who has a great sense of style. Savannah is grateful for Scar and he means everything to her. “I’m so glad I found him. I became a mom to a beautiful little boy,” she says. Take a look at Scar’s story below: