Cat Born with Two Front Nubs And How Proud She Is Of Them – WATCH HER VIDEO

This is Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux.

She was born with two front nubs but she is very proud of them. Roux never cared much about having front paws. To her, she is just an average, normal kitty.

Roux was surrendered to a shelter and in desperate need of a home.

“When I saw her it was absolutely love at first sight. She was brought to the clinic the next day and I took her home that night,” Olivia Canlas wrote via meow box.

“She was born without (her front legs) due to a congenital abnormality, most likely due to a rare condition called transverse terminal hemimelia.

Her mobility is very good, and she is able to function quite well without front legs. Her back legs are quite strong and she can leap impressively high!” Canlas added.

She walks a tiny bit like a kangaroo. Just like Mercury and Pancake who were also born without front paws, Roux has found her own way to move around effortlessly.

“Her nubs swing back and forth while she walks but they do not touch the ground. When she wants to move quickly or play, she hops with both back legs in unison like a rabbit. She can move very fast when she wants to!”

Roux is very independent, playful and full of spunk.

“She is cuddliest at bedtime, when she purrs loudly for chin scratches. Roux is a happy and very sweet girl!”

“I have a pair of nubs and I’m proud of them!”

This healthy girl kitty is fearless, independent, confident, and ready to take on whatever comes her way!


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Oh this sweet little girl. ???

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