Cat Goes from Stray Hiding Under a Shed to the King of the House!

Walter wandered into a family’s backyard and took shelter under a shed, meowing for help. The little tabby cat wasn’t easily convinced that is was safe for him to come out, but the family didn’t give up on him.

Cats often find their humans in the most unexpected of ways.

“We heard some meowing from out back. Shone a light under the shed and there he was!” said reddit user kurujiru.

That night, the family tried everything they could to get the kitty out to safety, but to no avail.

“Finally coaxed him to come to the deck steps the next morning. He walked right in the door like he owned the place.”

This is Walter!

Walter fit into his new home very quickly.

Walter went from being a homeless kitten to the king of the house!

From rags to riches!