A Horse Donates Blood to Save a Cat’s Eye

Bravo is a 14-year old kitten who recently developed a corneal ulcer which was threatening his eye.

The cat already lost one eye (probably by the same cause), and vets weren’t too sure they could save his other. The eye-saving surgery was pretty complicated and vets feared that Bravo could lose a lot of blood. Fortunately, a savior appeared in the last moment.

Bravo has a horse named Logan to thank for saving his vision. The 1200-pound horse’s blood was used to create a serum that was then used to destroy the virus in Bravo’s body. Serum, as some of you may already know, is one of the components in our blood. Horse’s blood can be easily spun into serum which is exactly what the vets did in this case. The serum helped cure Bravo’s left eye and restored his vision.

Bravo and Logan met afterward and it seemed like they knew what happened. Cats and horses really do go together. This isn’t the first case of inter-species assistance – vets have used dog’s blood as transfusion many times, and there are many cats who “donate” blood for emergency purposes.

If you feel that your cat can help other animals, consult your vet. If healthy, your cat can donate blood that could later be used to help sick puppies or kittens and even save their life.