Cat Found 3 Years After Going Missing!

SCOTLAND – A pet cat who was feared dead after escaping from kennels in Aberdeenshire almost three years ago has finally been reunited with his owners.

Ollie disappeared back in July of 2013 while his owners were abroad on holiday.

The Bailey family immediately started searching for their pet but were beginning to lose hope as the months passed.

However, a cat found in St Fergus – which is about five miles from where he went missing – has been confirmed as Ollie thanks to a microchip.

Owner Adele Bailey, who is 37, said they lived in Peterhead at the time Ollie went missing.

Ollie is pictured playing with his favourite toy again

Ollie is pictured playing with his favourite toy again

Now reunited at their new home in Turriff, Adele said right on the BBC Scotland news website: “It is all a bit surreal – it’s just unbelievable.

“We did posters and did searches for about a year. We were getting possible sightings.

“However I was starting to think on the dark side and that we had lost him.”

‘He’s fatter’

Mrs. Bailey went on to explain: “We got a call from the St Fergus area about a cat that was coming round.

“With the help of Cats Protection he was scanned and it was his chip.

“We jumped straight in the car.

“He was straight up on my knee purring.

“He’s come back fatter – he’s not gone without a feed. I cannot believe how well he is looking. And he’s back playing with his favorite catnip mouse toy.

“He’ll be staying in the house for a few weeks now.”
She added: “We would not have been reunited if Ollie had not had that chip.”