Cat Dreams Of Seeing His Former Owner Every Time The Elevator Doors Open

In this bittersweet video clip, you will see a ginger kitty who’s been hanging around an apartment building. The cat seems to know his way around the place and whenever one of the residents goes into the elevator he follows them inside, gets out on their floor and then politely invites himself into their home. Of course, not everyone lets him in, however, the ones that do treat him very well and even give him scraps of food. These apartments, however, are not his true home so when the time comes – he is always let you.

One of the residents who lives in the apartment building believes the cat used to live there which would explain why he’s always hanging out and riding the elevator. Perhaps he is looking for his former human? No one seems to really know. Even when night comes, you can find him hanging around the front entrance.

Be sure to watch this ginger cats full story in the video clip just below!