Cat Found in Taped Plastic Container Which Was Discarded at City Dump in Iowa!

OSKALOOSA, IOWA – A local shelter is now asking the public’s help identifying the person who taped a cat inside a plastic container and left the animal at a city dump.

According to the Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter, the shelter’s animal control unit was called this past Wednesday night after a concerned citizen located a cat inside a container at the Oskaloosa brush dump.

The cat, who the shelter has named Cecilia, was taped inside the plastic tote with few small ventilation holes poked which were into the container. She was also sitting in a half inch of urine and feces which accumulated in the container. The shelter described the situation on its Facebook page as follows:

“The tote she was in was so tightly taped shut, it’s very clear that whoever dumped her intended for her to die in that tote. They didn’t even give her a chance. It’s very hard to come up with the right words to describe how saddened and angry we are that somebody here in our own community could be so blatantly cruel towards a living creature.”

The shelter is now asking the public’s help locating the person responsible, who could face criminal charges.

If you have any information at all on this case, you are asked to contact the Oskaloosa Police Department or the Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter.