Cat Having A Spa Day With Owner

We’re all allowed to treat ourselves every once in a while. Everyone wants a bit of pampering regardless if it’s a movie with their loved ones with a glass of wine or a trip to the spa. When it comes to the cat below, the latter is the better choice. You read that right – there’s a kitty that loves going to the spa and its owner takes videos of it.

Kareem and Fifi are a couple from Ervine who own a TikTok channel called Dontstopmeowing. It features their cat as the highlight as she enjoys her time being pampered in spas. The couple enjoys the treatments, but the unusual thing is that their cat enjoys them too. The first video of Chase relaxing had over 62 million views and brought the channel global recognition.

And how could it not? Who wouldn’t like to see a cat enjoying herself that much? It’s sweet and funny at the same time, and is the perfect thing people wanted to see during quarantine. Kareem says that the quarantine is exactly what inspired him and Fifi to make the videos. Of course, they brought the spa at home, filming their cats enjoying the time off.

It’s not just Chase – Kareem and Fifi have multiple cats. They’ve rescued all kitties including 9-month old Millie and 3-year old Skye. Chase is the eldest member of the cat family, and clearly the one that enjoys the most.

Take a look at the video – you’ll be amazed at how chill this cat is.


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