Cat Litter “May” Be Able to Save Your Phone If Your Phone Gets Wet, Studies Suggest!

It happens in what seems like slow motion, the phone slips from your hand, you think you can catch it in time and you try but despite your best efforts, it falls headlong into the sink, the bath, the swimming pool, the toilet or a puddle! The splash immediately breaks your heart and spirit, almost as much as the phone’s circuit board.

For many years there has been this urban myth that if you put your phone in a sealed bag with rice and leave it overnight, then all systems will be restored to normality by the morning as the rice draws out the moisture but now there is something new that claims to dry out your mobile’s innards.

And this latest “notion” is to put your phone in cat litter – yes the very stuff Ms. Kitty does her business in could well be the stuff to get your beloved electronic devices back up and running.


According to the phone company called Gazelle, who ran some tests, cat litter can be the most effective way restoring functionality than rice.

They recommend trying to shake all of the water out of the phone first, letting it air-dry, and then putting it in a bag of crystal kitty litter for as long as possible.

And they truly do mean as long as possible. Apparently, it can take several days for this “trick” to work.

Let’s be realistic for a moment though: If your phone isn’t working after a couple of days of sitting pretty in kitty litter, it might just be a lost cause and it may be worth calling the insurance company.