Cat Helps to Raise An Adorable Orphaned Raccoon!

On a hot summer day in Kansas back in 2012, a raccoon was laying on the side of the road, until Hailey Williams, a veterinary school student, found him. “I kind of panicked knowing he needed help right away,” Williams told The Dodo.

After learning the Vet doesn’t take in any raccoons, she had no other choice but to take him home.

She named him Winston.

She fed him kitten formula until he finally reached a normal weight.

Once he grew up he became more active, he was introduced to the world by William’s cat, Ziki. “Once Zizi passed away, Winston was a full-grown male ready to start doing male raccoon things,” she stated.

Winston started leaving home for days at a time, then weeks and then months, especially when mating season was in high gear.

Today, Winston is already 5 years old and no longer lives with Williams, although he knows the Williams’ home is a place he can return to whenever he wants and for whatever reason!