New Game App For Cat Lovers: Being a Cat Nanny at “Cat Hotel”


If you love cats, then you will likely love this game. It’s a CatHotel or a Cattery, where you must take care of cats while their owners are on vacation, out of town, etc. The description for CatHotel reads goes like this:

“Mrs. Miller has to go on an urgent business trip and the Smith family are looking for accommodation for their house cat while they’re on vacation.” So what you are doing here basically is persuading Mrs Miller to use your CatHotel to take care of her cat when she’s away. You’ll be feeding cats, playing with them and much more, until their owner returns to pick them up.

CatHotel will also bring you new brand challenges each and every day. Seeing as each cat likes something different, one will like to be petted, while another likes playing with lasers. You’ll have to figure out which one likes which and play with each one accordingly to keep them all happy. You will also want to check the health of each cat when they first check-in. That way you can provide the right type of care for the cats and keep them healthy, or make them healthy if they aren’t already.

This game is currently available on Google Play and it is free to play.

There are in-app purchases which range anywhere from $1.11 to $24.99. Remember that these in-app purchases aren’t actually needed to play the game, but it does makes the game that much more fun, and easier.

Great for teaching kids how to care of cats … maybe?