Does Your Cat Have Cancer? 10 Symptoms to Look For

One of the worst things you could ever hear from a vet is that your pet has cancer! However, observing your cats could help you detect the signs, and if your cat happens to have any of these signs then you need to visit a vet ASAP! Here are the 10 signs of cats cancer:

1.) Loss of Appetite


One of the most common symptoms on a cancerous growth in a cat his or her loss of their appetite. Normally known to be hungry and voracious eaters, you know something is going wrong when your cat starts eating much less than usual with every passing day. Please take your cat to a vet if this persists for more than 3 days.

2.) Frequent Vomiting


NEVER force your cat to eat if it does not want. If you have observed a loss of appetite in your cat, and if it starts vomiting, then something is certainly wrong as whatever little food that goes inside is also coming out. Force feeding your cat may spark even more vomiting.

3.) Diarrhea


If your cat happens to not eat too well, and/or throw up, it is a bad sign. However, something is most certainly something wrong if along with any of those symptoms, it also begins to poop more frequently. Cats are known to be shy animals and they defecate away from sight in privacy. However if you happen to notice them eat less and poop more, you should get them checked!

4.) Weight Loss


Since your cat may not be eating well, vomiting frequently, or defecating more, it could result in a severe weight loss. If you notice your cat’s weight decreasing rapidly, get it immediately checked. There might be several other reasons, such as a tapeworm which might also be equally worrisome.

5.) Changes in Behavior


Normally known to run around the house, clawing and nibbling at everything they see, if you notice your cat behaving ‘depressed’, and having problems doing routine things such as climbing stairs and jumping short distances, have it checked immediately. Any behaviors that are random or not usual for your cat might be an alarming situation

6.) Slow healing wounds


Another alarming sign of something wrong happening in your cat is when its wounds begin to heal slowly. This can happen throughout any of the stages of cancer, but is more frequent when the cancer grows. This is a situation where one needs to be really careful and the cat needs to go to a vet immediately.

7.) Can’t Breathe Properly


Healthy cats are not known for having difficulties in breathing. However, if you notice your cat making strange sounds while it sleeps, or struggling to breathe, this might be a right time for you to get it checked by a doctor, as this might be sign of cancer or other diseases also.

8.) Lumps on Skin


Lumps on skin are one of the most usual signs, and the most easily observable ones. If you happen to notice that the usually smooth, silky skin of your cat has weird lumps, DO NOT WAIT. Call a vet immediately and get your cat’s lump examined.

9.) Lethargy


Cats are by nature hyperactive and are always jumping around, meowing in excitement and bumping into things. If you notice that your cat has become more lethargic than before, along with any of the above symptoms, it might not be a good sign. However, the cat might just be tired or bored since cats are also known to be moody. This is a ‘symptom’ only when it happens with any combination of the above mentioned symptoms.

10.) Strange Odours


Are you Noticing your cat smelling strange? This might as well be because of a blood clot resulting from a tumour which can cause a dead area due to the lack of circulation. This might happen to around the area of their nose. The smell might begin off a something you can ignore for a day, but over time it begins to get stronger and stronger. This can be a sign of an advanced cancer and prompt action is best!

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