What The Hogwarts Houses Might Be If They Had Been Founded By Cats – Click To See The GIFS!

Which house would YOUR cat fit best in?

1. Kittendor

Kittendor values brave and daring cats – not afraid to take on any challenge! They won’t back down to anything – a barking dog, the vacuum… even the vet! (Note* – some cats are braver than others…)

2. Hufflescruff

Hufflescruff values loyal and hardworking cats. They’ll always be ready to hop into your lap and be there for you.

3. Ravenpaw

Ravenpaw values the cleverest of kitties. They can figure out the most complicated of tasks, such as opening doors and finding those treats that you thought you hid so well.

4. Litterin

Litterin values cats that are cunning and resourceful. These cats will find a way to steal all the treats and frame the dog for doing it.

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