This Cat Has The Longest Legs You’ve Ever Seen On A Cat – Check Her Out!

Cats certainly do come in all shapes and sizes, just like people. This is Quenda, and you have no doubt seen her image after it was shared by an Australian animal shelter’s Facebook page.

Quenda is famous not really because of how adorable she is (although, she is really adorable), she is famous because she has unusually long legs!

Quenda’s story was written by Cat Haven WA, which is a cat shelter located in Western Australia. Quenda was found as a stray, she had no collar, no chip, and she was also carrying a litter of kittens! The shelter posted her picture soon after she had weaned her last kitten and was happy to say that she was an absolutely sweet and friendly cat.

Quenda had been vaccinated, sterilized, and also microchipped and was looking for a new home. The Facebook photo of her was shared in upwards of 1,000 times, and it was also circulated on Reddit and Twitter.

Here are some of the alternative names the Reddit users suggested for her! If you yourself were hoping to offer Quenda a new home, sorry, she has found her forever home and is quite happy. However, that is good news, isn’t it?!

How cute!

Photo credits: Cat Haven WA / Facebook