The Adorable Moment A Baby And A Cat Meet For The First Time And Cant …

A video has recently surfaced and it shows the darling moment when an infant is introduced to his family’s newly-adopted cat.

Any of the traditional new parent fears that a baby and pet kitty might reject each other are completely allayed, as the video proves just about immediately.

The video clip opens with the white, spotted cat as it reposes serenely on an ottoman while enjoying a bit of a head scratch from the baby’s mother.

Just about a second later — without a hint of fear or hesitation — the baby throws himself onto the cat’s hindquarters and gurgles happily.

In the beginning, it seems like the cat intends to ignore the baby’s presence. However, eventually it readjusts its position so that it can curl around and face the baby.

The movement gives the baby just the chance he needs to tenderly clutch the cat’s rear leg in a pudgy hand and completely pillow his head against the cat’s rear, all the while smiling away and continuing to gurgle contentedly.

Refusing to be outdone on the cuteness scale, the cat then stretches forward and beings to lavish the top of the infant’s head with generous licks — not unlike the way a mother cat would groom one of its kittens.

Every dozen seconds or so, the baby can be seen lifting his head to lock eyes with the cat, before plopping his head back down so the cat can carry on licking.

Mommy message boards are jam-packed with observations of household pets licking babies.

According to what PetMD says, reasons vary for why cats might lick humans. It may be a sign of the cat attempting to ‘pet’ its owner, a way for the cat to mark the human as falling under its territory or a method of simply establishing a bond with a human.