Senior Male Cat “Adopts” Young Male Ginger Cat, No Questions Asked!

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and if that’s the case, then this cat named Evin has plenty to be proud of.


Just take a look at Evin and his mini doppelganger, Cuten, who have been absolutely inseparable.

“Literally the moment we brought him in the home he clung to Evin,” the cats’ owner, Jessi Ryan, of Greenwich, New York, told ABC News. “We assume it’s because Evin seemed familiar, since he looks like all the other farm cats. Evin loved him immediately. It’s almost like he thought Cuten was his baby.”

Ryan’s boyfriend brought Evin home on Christmas Eve in 2014 after finding him roaming free on a dairy farm. Cuten was introduced to the family in February 2015.

Besides their remarkable resemblance, the two felines are constantly snuggling, playing and wrestling.

“They even eat and drink out of the bowl at the same time! They’re best friends,” said Ryan.

Just take a look at their adorable twinning purr-fection.

Each photo is worth a thousand words!


Photo credits: Jessica Ryan