Cat Just Walks Into Malaysian University Classroom And Falls Asleep Due To The Boring …

A cat who lives in Malaysia randomly entered a classroom in International Islamic University one day.

All of the students were surprised when they saw the cat paying attention to the lecture. Perhaps the cat wanted to learn something new from the humans by showing interest to the lecture. Elynna Hashri, who is a student took a picture with the cat and shared it on social media which later went viral.

It’s no wonder that even the cat wasn’t able to digest the boring lecture and fell asleep in just 30 minutes. Another photo of that chubby cat went viral in which it was sleeping on the table.

Twitter users from all part of the globe used that picture as a meme targeting the boring university classes and lectures.

The social media community went on tweeting and sharing massively which made this whole scene a memorable one.

The best thing about this incident was that none of the students disturbed the cat and let it sleep while the lecture was a perfect lullaby for the sleeping pudgy cat.

Look at some of the tweets!

What a funny cat!