Britain’s Ex-Fattest Cat Mitzi Returned to the Shelter for the Fourth Time

Do you remember Mitzi, the cat that was crowned Britain’s fattest cat last year? Poor Mitzi just doesn’t have a lot of luck in her life. She was recently returned to the animal shelter for a record fourth time! People just seem to reject Mitzi all the time which is unfortunate as she’s one of the best-looking cats we’ve seen.

Mitzi was found as a stray in 2017. She was quite a big girl. As a matter of fact, she was so big she needed a strict diet in order to keep her health in check. After shedding more than a few pounds, Mitzi found a new forever home pretty quickly. However, the owner returned her in just a few weeks.

In the next 12 months, the cat found three new homes. Each of the owners returned the beautiful cat to the shelter. They all had the same explanation – this cat wasn’t able to settle down. Of course, the constant back-and-forth has affected Mitzi. She’s become a grumpy cat unable to settle down, and chances of another adoption are looking slim right now. Poor Mitzi.

Right now, Mitzi’s the slimmest she’s been since forever. Weighing just around 5.50 kg., sweet Mitzi has been put up for adoption yet again. If you think that this cat will settle down in your home, contact the Woodside shelter. The staff doesn’t recommend having any other pets or kids if you’re planning on taking Mitzi in. You see, the poor cat is a bit challenging to handle, but she doesn’t deserve to live in a shelter.