A Woman Saves a Freezing Cat and She Thanks Her in the Sweetest Way!

Every winter, we see stray cats freezing outside. Some of them get rescued, while others are left to their own destiny. The kitty you see in the video below had a lot of luck – it was saved by a girl named Jennifer and two of her friends who probably saved her life.

The kitten was stuck in deep snow and would surely die if Jennifer hadn’t arrived. It was freezing and hungry and very lucky as well, as Jennifer and her friends were there at the right place and the right time. As soon as Jennifer tried to pick up the cat, it jumped in her arms and licked her hands as a “Thank you”. The girl brought the cat to a shelter, where she was provided with all the help she needed.

After a few weeks, the cat is finally strong enough to be put up for adoption, and we hope she finds a loving new home. Check her story out in the video below: