Two Cats Live Alone In $1,500-A-Month Silicon Valley Studio Apartment

David Callisch is a landlord of a big studio in San Jose living with two ideal, yet unusual tenants. As Callitsch says, they don’t drink, smoke or bring friends over, and they pay $1,500 monthly rent on time. What’s unusual is that the tenants are cats, not humans.

The two cats live in a space behind David’s home. And, what a space it is. It has Apple TV, a shower, and of course, a cat tree. David didn’t bring the cats in – in fact, his friend Troy Good did. Troy’s daughter Victoria Amith owned the cats until she left for college at the age of 18. She left the cats with her father, but he moved in with his new fiancé in a new home, and she had a dog. Louise and Tina didn’t make friends with the dog, so Troy called his buddy David and asked if he can rent the space David originally planned to list on Airbnb. For $1,500 a month, David immediately agreed.

After the story broke out, not everyone was thrilled about the cats living in a luxurious room for that much money given the income disparity in Bay Area. As Jennifer Loving from Destination Home says, it’s a funny story which highlights the inequity in Silicon Valley. Homeless people are living in cruel conditions on the street, yet Louise and Tina are doing just fine. If we’re being honest, it’s even better than fine.

It’s another reminder of how far people are ready to go for their pets. Louise and Tina’s stay at David’s won’t last long, though – Troy’s daughter Victoria plans to take them back as soon as she moves out of the dorm.