Cat-opoly is Monopoly for Cat People

Back in 2013 they replaced the classic iron piece with a silver-haired feline, but we cat lovers wanted more!

To rectify this hairy situation, that someone has created Cat-Opoly (£26.95), a whole board game filled with four-legged friends.

And we love it!

Instead of buying properties, you buy more and more expensive breed cats which, same ideals as Monopoly. You start with the Ocicat and work your way up to Persian.

Rather than buying houses, players can buy litter boxes and then trade them in for fish bones.

You also get to play with adorable cat related pieces everything from yarn to sardines.

Spoiler Alert! Instead of going to jail, you get thrown into water.


The creators have truly got all the kitty bases covered here in this game!


#TBT to family game night when I owned ALL the CAT-OPOLY breeds on my first turn! #Winning #AllDayEveryDay

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Photo credits:  Late for the Sky / Late Sky Games

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