Group of Young Boys Caught Abusing Kittens in Texas

ABILENE, TEXAS – Three kittens reported to have been abused by a group of boys are now being nursed back to health.

Two of the kittens were allegedly beaten and thrown to the ground more than once at a south side Abilene apartment complex Sunday.

Kylie McQuade told KTXS that she herself caught a preteen boy abusing the kittens in the act.

“Instantly, when I saw them throw them being thrown on the ground, it was like a natural instinct to just want to get out of the car and protect them,” McQuade stated.

As McQuade got out of the car, she said the boy throwing the kittens to the ground and two older boys playing catch in the area all ran off.


McQuade then called the non-emergency police number and left them a message.

“The kittens are defenseless. They can’t defend themselves, and us as humans – its our job to defend them when they don’t have a say,” McQuade went on to say.

She also posted all about the incident in an Abilene lost pets Facebook page.


“There have been multiple posts about a boy at the same apartment complex drowning kittens and beating them with sticks,” McQuade continued.

Rick Tomlin of the Abilene Police Department said in an email that they did receive a call Sunday night about an alleged animal cruelty incident but no officer was dispatched.

On Wednesday Emily Rodgers, who lives in the same complex, allegedly saw the same boy trying to drown a young kitten in a nearby creek. Rodgers took the kitten named “Creeky” to the AM Farmers Sanctuary which is located in Eula.

Owner Mindy Marquez said that the kitten showed signs of abuse and was afraid the first few days she was in her care.

“She is still very sore to the touch in some spots but she in great shape for going through what she went through,” Marquez stated.

According to Dr. Marc Orner, it could be a sign of a severely troubled home when children act out and abuse animals.

“Thirty percent of children that hurt animals have either been abused or have witnessed abuse in their own life,” Orner stated.

If you catch your child attempting to hurt any animal, Orner told KTXS you should talk to them about it and find out why they are doing it.

“If they’re getting some sort of kick out of hurting the animal , then it’s a red flag and they need to be in treatment immediately.” Oren stated.

Meanwhile, McQuade said that the two kittens she witnessed being abused will be going to see a veterinarian on Tuesday and will be ready for adoption in just 30 days.