Cat Reaches Out Her Only Paw After …

One morning a man happened to find a tiny kitten while he was walking his dogs.

The kitten was in desperate need of help.

They named her Shadow because she was found in the shadows!

“My husband Jean-Guy found a severely injured kitten on the side of the road while he was walking the dogs,” Cheryl explained to Love Meow.

When he took a closer look at the kitten’s injuries, he was shocked by just how bad her two front paws were.

And so, he rushed the kitten to the vet where they bandaged her up and scheduled her for surgery.

“She needed to have her front leg and some toes on her right front paw amputated.”

Jean-Guy gave the kitten a much-needed bath and comforted her, trying to assure her that everything was going to be all right.

After the life-saving surgery was performed, Shadow reached out her paw for a cuddle.

The little sweet kitty never seemed bothered by the stitches at all.

And of course, she always had her humans by her side.

Thankfully, Shadow was on the mend!

Her loud purrs can be heard throughout the room and she is so happy to be so loved.

During her recovery, her new humans were there for her every step of the way.

Nothing makes Shadow happier than to snuggle up close with her human dad, her rescuer.

She nuzzles in the crook of his neck and just purrs and purrs!

With a lot of love and tenderness, Shadow was soon completely healed= and she has grown into a gorgeous black panther kitty!

She still loves to reach out her front paw whenever she wants some attention and cuddles.

She’s quite the curious one, too, and wants to know everything her humans are doing.

Even with only three legs, Shadow can do anything and everything other cats do!

Oh, what a big stretch!

Three years have passed since they found Shadow lying on the side of the road. She did lose an arm, but she is healthy and lives a wonderful life with loving humans and many furry siblings.

To this day, she still begs for attention and love with that one paw stretch like she did three years ago.

One thing’s for certain – Shadow knows she’s loved!

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