Inside Turkey’s Beautiful Cat Village That Has Kitty Playgrounds, Villas and Hammocks!

TURKEY – A group of wonderful volunteers from an animal sanctuary association located in the Mediterranean province of Antalya have set up a village for stray cats in the province’s Konyaaltı district.

The group, which is in coordination with the Association to Protect Street Animals, or ASKODER, decided to set up the village in the Doyran neighborhood of Konyaaltı after the head of the association, whose name is Mehmet Okan, rented two decares of land.

Okan rented the area with his wife by selling his own car and with some help of other volunteers. The group then went on to build small animal barns and play areas for the animals with hammocks,
as well as seats for visitors. The group also “cooks” food for the cats.

The village currently hosts about 100 cats and plans to host many more, prioritizing those who are most vulnerable.

Okan stated that they founded the association only to be able to build the village, as they needed official permissions from authorities.

He went on to say that they preferred to take donations in materials such as wood, paint, and steel, in order to build living space for the animals, rather than money.

h/t: / Images: Mustafa Ciftci/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

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