Cat Rings the Doorbell to Be Let Inside!

So, how does a polite cat get back into his house? Well, perhaps he
simply just rings the doorbell!

The adorable kitty in this video is no joke!

Bruno the house cat knows exactly how to get his owner to come to the door.

In the video below which has already gone viral, the ball of ginger fur finds a perch near the front door and nudges the doorbell repeatedly with his head. Quite an impressive action which the cat clearly seems to know will eventually allow him access inside.

This attention-getting show of intelligence isn’t surprising, according to experts: Animal Planet reports that all cats have an excellent mental capacity and are capable of committing specific events to memory for years at a time, particularly if those events were linked in some way to the animal feeling unsafe or unhappy. Conversely, they are also able memorize things they have done in the past that have led to an increase in comfort, such as meowing for food, or – in Bruno’s case – by ringing the doorbell to be allowed back inside.

Not only is Bruno a clever pet, he’s also a very considerate one.

Patrick Dougherty, the person who uploaded the video, explained in the description that Bruno only rings the doorbell during the daytime when he knows it won’t wake his family. How nice is that?

Check it out!