German Shepherd Finds Cat In Her Bed Again, Takes Appropriate Action

Who says that dogs are stronger than cats? Take a look at this pair – the German shepherd (Gerty) notices there’s someone’s napping in his bed. Curious, he goes closer and finds a cat (Mrs. Peppers) has taken over his territory. Gerty has no other choice than take back what’s hers, but things aren’t going to be so easy.

This video is one of the most hilarious videos on the rivalry between cats and dogs. All the videos online show the cute side of cats and dogs, but this one is the complete opposite. This one actually does show the stereotype that dogs and cats are enemies, especially if they take each other’s favorite spot. Gerty and Mrs. Peppers may become friends someday, but that is not today.

Raising any animal on its own is a challenge, but raising a cat and dog together is probably living hell. However, they do create previous memories like the video you can see below and that’s what pets are all about!