Cat saves Chicago-area family from Rabies-infested Bat!

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS – In a little more than a week Wilson the cat will be celebrating his first birthday, but his family is celebrating him for now and perhaps even forever.

You see, Wilson alerted his family to the dangerous presence in their home late last week at approximately 2 am Friday morning: a brown bat.Julianna Cucci and her husband Graham were asleep, but she says she was awakened when Wilson pounced on her after alerting her husband shortly before.”When I came downstairs it was like (Graham) had lost his mind, ‘cause he was wielding a pillow but he caught the bat and he did not touch the bat,” Julianna stated.

After turning the bat over to Animal Control, word came back that it tested positive for rabies. Julianna stated if it wasn’t for Wilson they could’ve been bitten by the bat while they were sleeping and never known.

Rabies attacks the central nervous system and can even be fatal. So Tuesday soon after learning the news of the rabid bat the whole family went to the E.R. to each get several shots. But thankfully, they all escaped without contracting rabies.

As far as Wilson is concerned, his owners think a name change may now be in order.

“We may have to rename him Bruce Wayne,” Julianna Cucci stated.