Cat Selfies Are a Thing Now – All Thanks to a New App, Which Raises Money for the SPCA!

While cats have arguably ruled the Internet since time the internet began, there is one sector that has remained untapped by felines – at least until now: Selfies.

This is all thanks to interactive digital content firm Current Studios and its Candid Catmera app, however, cats can finally give the Kardashians a run for the money within this all-important segment of social media.

Independence-loving cats don’t seem to need help from their owners to use Candid Catmera – after paying for it and downloading it, of course.

That’s all because Candid Catmera uses
“custom cat facial recognition technology” and is constantly on the lookout for cats, Current Studios explained.

“The app plays looping animations designed to lure a cat, including fish, mice and treats,” the firm went on to say. “When motion is detected, a photo is taken. If that photo contains a cat selfie, the user is notified and can then share the photo on social media.”

Current said that it tested the app with some cats housed at shelters run by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or SPCA, and has partnered with the nonprofit to draw attention to the overabundance of cats at its shelters. As a result, for every $1.99 download of Candid Catmera, Current noted that it will donate $1 to the SPCA.

The Candid Catmera app “allows you to take more pictures of your cat than ever before, because you can never really have enough pictures of your cat, and support homeless felines at the same time,” Current Studios added.

In a statement, the vice president of Creative Technology, whose name is Steve Martell, went on to say, “We’ve been challenged a few times to create tech that recognizes pets and our team wanted create an algorithm that only recognized cats. We thought it’d be fun and a chance to give back to an organization that we believe in.”