Seven little kittens all of the same color! How gorgeous is that!?

They brought home a stray cat and exactly two months later she gave them seven little surprises. In just eight weeks, they went from having ho cats to eight kitties that all look alike.

A kind woman rescued a stray cat from off the street, thinking she would be adding just one additional member to their family, but little did she know at the time, this stray kitty had a secret.

Make that 7 of them (secrets.)

“We brought this girl in off the street in mid-March. She was dirty, cold, skinny and hungry. We named her Myrtle and she decided she was cool with ruling over us,” Myrtle’s human mom wrote via imgur.

“She made herself at home pretty quickly. We didn’t mind. We hadn’t had a pet since our 10-year-old cat, Baby.”

Soon the kitty’s belly started to grow. “Eventually, it became pretty apparent that it wasn’t just rich food making her belly fat. Myrtle was clearly pregnant.”

“On May 22, while I was home sick from work, Myrtle went into labor on my bed. Next to me. While I was napping. I woke up to the first kitten being birthed. In the next few hours, she gave birth to seven total kittens.”

Seven little kittens all of the same color! How gorgeous is that!?

The kittens grew fast in just two weeks.

“At 18 days old, it was getting harder for them all to fit in the banana box. Often, there wasn’t enough room for them all to feed.”

When it’s sleepy-time for these wee ones, they cuddle in a puddle. “I got quite used to coming home from work to find a little pile of fluff.”

The meowre the meowrrier!

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