Cat Shelter’s Leaders Accused of Being an End-times Cult!

TENNESSEE – Sheryl Ruthven and a dozen or so followers left Washington state back in 2013 hoping to find harmony with nature – and their cats.

The group settled down in Columbia, Tenn., where they opened a nonprofit cat shelter called Eva’s Eden.

Today, some of Ruthven’s former followers accuse her of running an end-times cult.

Based on Ruthven’s writings and interviews with former followers by Nashville Scene, all cats are divine creatures that will carry the 144,000 souls mentioned in the book of Revelation.

Her former followers tell Nashville Scene that Ruthven is claiming to be a reincarnated messiah figure who will create a new Eden after the apocalypse. Their Facebook page is aiming to expose what they call an abusive cult.

Eva’s Eden has officially denied the allegations, the website reported.

However, reaching Eva’s Eden now is proving very difficult.

Two days after Nashville Scene requested an interview with Ruthven and some other leaders, Eva’s Eden’s website disappeared. The group’s accounts on Facebook and YouTube have also disappeared.

Georgia Snow, who is Ruthven’s mother and the group’s treasurer, tells the Scene she is absolutely tired of the criticisms against her daughter.

“Maybe we are tired of the persecution,” claims Snow. “Because it’s all a bunch of lies and not true.”

All Ruthven and her group want to do, Snow claims, is rescue cats.

You can read more about the controversy at Nashville Scene: