Man Saves More Than 300 Cats After Losing His Son

Life is pretty unpredictable and can be extremely painful for some people. Take this New Yorker, for example. He lost his son in an accident and thought that his life would end without him. Heartbroken and in pain, the man found comfort in saving strays.

He’s a retired train conductor from Long Island, New York, who has now saved over 300 cats. The adventure started in 2006 when he lost his 24-year old son in a traffic accident. Wandering around his neighborhood one day, the main came across more than 30 sick kittens. He helped them all, and that was the start of a beautiful journey.

He turned his home into a cat sanctuary and isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon. Chris registered his sanctuary under the name Happy Cat.

With more than 300 cats saved so far, Chris hopes to save at least twice that many soon. He says that the cats deserve a better life than the one they have on the streets. His sanctuary includes a lot of room for them to roam, heated towering structures, and everything else they need for a comfortable life.

We applaud Chris’ decision and hope that others follow his example and channel their grief into something similar.