Cat Shows Dominance Over All Dogs by Casually Sitting Atop Cop Car That Has …

PENNSYLVANIA – Apparently, cats are now above the law, or at least that’s what the cat in this story thinks!

In this particular case, a cat took that feeling to heart, climbing atop a police SUV carrying a K9, and in effect towering above the canine cop.

The Philadelphia Police Department went on to share a photo of the bold kitty on its Facebook page, where in upwards of 174,000 followers could marvel at the animal’s audaciousness.

“Cop: ‘Between the barking and the huge red letters, there is no way that *anyone* approaches my car.’

Cat: ‘Hold my beer…’” the police department joked along with the photo.

The photo, which now has more than 17,000 shares, has received a variety of reactions online, with many cracking jokes about just what the cat in the picture might be thinking.

“That kitty is on the look out for all the alley cats wheeling and dealing in illegal catnip sales. Respect to the boys in blue…. and orange,” says one comment.

To which the police department replied, “Truth. Meowijuana is a gateway drug — and you only have 9 lives.”