Pet Cat Shocks Family With Very Unexpected Present, But Luckily, They Knew Just What To Do …

Cat owners know only too well just how much their furry friends love to bring ‘gifts’ from their outside adventures. Everything from leaves to mice, cats are famous for bringing all sorts of treats into the house.

For one particular family, this special present was a curious ball of feathers and grass.

Suitably confused as to just what the odd mix of materials was, they quickly decided that caution was best. Upon making a closer inspection, the unusual ball revealed itself to be a nest.

Luckily, the careful family decided to bring the entire nest to exactly the right people at Folly Wildlife Rescue in England. Sarah Nunn, a trustee at the centre explained to The Dodo:

“They didn’t know where the nest had come from, so they couldn’t return it where it should have been. It was completely unopened. They had no idea if there was anything in it all”.

After removing the first layer of the beautiful nest, the staff finally discovered just what was hiding inside.

They discovered three tiny long-tailed tits, an unfertilized egg and two others that weren’t so lucky and sadly hadn’t survived made it.

The baby birds tine, and at first, the team wasn’t even able to identify their species and incorrectly labelled them as Gold-crests.

One week has passed and the birds have been reported to be doing well, but staff are aware that it is still too early to tell if they will actually be strong enough to make it, however, they are determined to give them all the care and attention that they need.

Nunn went on to add that the entire incident could have been avoided by keeping cats inside the house at night to avoid them disturbing wildlife when they venture outside.