Mama Cat Attacks Her Baby, 6 Weeks Later Kitten Is Missing An Ear But Beating All Odds

There are the types of stories we see in the news every day that simply might not make any sense to us, however, they do exist for various reasons.

This tiny kitten was horribly attacked by her own mother, and not medically treated after the fact, shortly after her birth. It is still unclear just what caused her mama to attack. Though this poor wee one suffered for weeks, the kitten is in good hands now.

Vandy is a 6-week-old kitten who lost her ear after her mother hurt her. She was rushed into the Humane Society of Richland County when someone saw the condition she was in. It was there that the staff determined that the wounds were not recent.

Even though she has this terrible injury, this little girl has a playful spirit and is te actually quite happy. Thankfully, she is no longer in pain from the injury, and now that she has access to good medical care, she should hopefully be on a much better road to recovery.

After the Humane Society of Richland County first shared her photo, they began to receive many questions on when Vandy could be adopted.

Until her final prognosis is officially determined, she simply cannot be adopted or fostered yet, but they will keep their Facebook fans updated.

Photo credits: Humane Society of Richland CountyVideo Source