Cat Stuck in Car Door Takes Trip Before Rescued

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA — A Fresno woman had a surprise passenger while driving her husband to work this morning.

Angelica Maya stated, “I opened it like this much and I saw something move and I said, Oh my God, there’s a something in there.”

A cat had somehow gotten stuck up in between the door and front fender of her car.

It rode in there for nearly an entire hour while she drove her husband to work.

Maya posted a live video on Facebook asking for help on just how to get the cat out without hurting it.

She eventually called the fire department, but the kitten had another sneaky trick up its sleeve.

“The fire department came and they stated, there’s no cat in there, I video recorded it, and they were right here looking and that’s when the little kitten had popped it’s head out and they were like, oh, here it is!” Maya explained.

The firefighters were eventually able to pull the cat out of the car and make sure it was safe. Maya says it’s an experience she will never forget.

“I’m just surprised it got out by itself and we didn’t have to take my door off,” Maya stated.