Though This Special Kitty Needs to Wear a Diaper, He’s the Happiest and Sweetest Cat …

Bebe is just the most adorable rescue kitten born with Manx Syndrome, which is a spinal defect. Despite his condition, he’s the happiest and sweetest little kitty despite his condition.

The rescue group that took him in completely fell in love with him and were determined to help Bebe have the wonderful full life that he so deserves!

Cheri wrote on Facebook: “Bebe came from the Downy shelter. When he was delivered we were shocked to see he had no tail and his tush area was so swollen. We have taken him to 3 vets and a neurologist. Bebe is a Manx with manx syndrome. Most kittens like this are put to sleep.”

“We found ways to make Bebe comfortable and happy. He is the happiest sweetest kitty ever. So full of personality and love,” according to Cat at the Studios.

“I must say Bebe is pretty special .The Manx breed is like a rag doll. He purrs and talks and eats and plays all the time. My special friend Maureen made Bebe diapers and it has helped tons,” Cheri added.

A lady living out in Arizona wanted to adopt him.

“Out of nowhere Joanne who lives in Arizona wanted Bebe. She volunteers out of the shelter and has had a Manx Syndrome kitty before.

What we found out is Bebe could end up being a Service kitty. He has what it takes.”

In the photos, Bebe is cuddling with his new mom, Joanne, who couldn’t be happier to have this wee one in her life!

Watch the video of this special needs Manx kitty finding his new home!

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