Man Documents Moments of Him Being Chosen by Calico Stray

They say that cats choose their humans.

This is what happened to a guy who met a calico cat in a very unexpected way. This beautiful little stray came out from a cornfield, walked up to the man and would not let him leave without her.

Before the guy knew it, he was holding the little fluff ball in his arms and the kitten was running her purr motor as if to say ‘You are my human meow!’

He took her to the vet and they were not able to find a microchip. “We knew which stray its mother was so there wasn’t really any chance of it belonging to anyone, but had it done anyways just to be sure,” the man said via reddit.

The kitty has been spayed and now is living like a little queen as a happy indoor cat.

Do you believe in love at first sight? In a corn field?