Cat Trapped On A Flyover Gets Rescued By Good Samaritans!

A black cat was stranded on the ledge of the Hammersmith flyover in West London, which is an elevated roadway perched high above the surface ground. It is being assumed that this helpless baby was deliberately thrown out of a car and/or placed there, and just left to die.

Without some assistance, it would only be a matter of time before she fell or was hit by a car.

Nearby office workers saw the terrified cat who was just mere seconds from falling from the busy roadway and then being unable to escape the traffic rushing past her.

Three of the employees took off in their car and drove right onto the bridge, armed with a towel and cardboard box. They feared they might scare the cat and cause her to jump off the flyover, but instead she happily nuzzled into her heroes’ arms.

The Good samaritans managed to get her into the box before driving her to the animal hospital. The entire daring rescue can be seen in the video below, set to the cheers of the anxious onlookers who watched from the office window.

The cat, who is now named Bridget, is recovering at the Blue Cross animal hospital in London.

Aside from suffering a bloodied chin, Bridget is expected to be just fine.

The staff says she’s very friendly and trusting and is quite an incredible survivor, indeed.