Lucky Cat Was Lost for Nine Weeks After Hitching a Ride on a Delivery Van!

UNITED KINGDOM – An extremely lucky cat is currently recovering in a St. Austell animal shelter after accidentally hitching a ride in a van.

The miserable kitty was discovered near an industrial estate in a weak and malnourished state after going missing a whopping nine weeks ago.

The animal wasn’t micro-chipped, and so the staff-members at Clay County Cat Care initially believed she may come from outside Cornwall. They immediately began a search on various social medias to try and track her owners down.

Leanne Kent with the rescued cat

Leanne Kent with the rescued cat


Leanne Kent, who is of the animal shelter, stated: “She was in an emaciated state. She was found in a car park.

“She’s not very old but it seems like she’s been fending for herself for a while.

“She didn’t have a microchip but was very affectionate so we didn’t think she was a stray. Some people might think her owner didn’t care but that’s not true.

“It could mean people are older and haven’t thought to microchip their pet or something like that.”

Eventually the shelter did manage to successfully track down the owner via Facebook.

Two of the kittens at the shelter

Two of the kittens at the shelter


The cat had originally come from St Mawgan and the owners now believe the cat may have hitched a ride on a delivery van to make the trip to St. Austell – something it had actually done before.

Leanne went on to stress the importance of micro-chipping to help owners reunite with their pets in cases like these.

“It had happened before with the cat and it was missing for three months,” she concluded. “It’s really important people microchip their pets.”