Cat Will Stop At Nothing to Be With His Best Pooch Friend! – VIDEO!

UNITED KINGDOM – This is the true story of how true friendship, true love, true affection triumphs, no matter what barriers are put between you.

Sometimes those kinds of barriers are mental, like people telling you dogs and cats aren’t meant to get along.

Sometimes the barriers are even physical. Glass walls to hold you in, put you on display but keep you apart.

However, whatever difficulties there have been between these two, they’re taking a leaf from Marvin Gaye and saying there just ain’t no mountain high enough.

This video is heartwarming cuteness at its best!

But it soon becomes clear that running away simply is not what she (or he) has in mind.

Instead, it’s a daring challenge to get into her neighbor’s enclosure.

Her neighbor who just so happens to be a loveable golden puppy, who is absolutely delighted at this turn of events.

Could that tail wag any more rapidly?

Please, we hope that whoever comes to this place to adopt either of them will take them as a package deal.

They’ve come so far already, we can only hope that no one breaks their hearts now.